More About Daniel - Daniel Peralta

When I was a little boy I used to daydream a lot.

I had this wild imagination that allowed me to escape the confines of real life, which I always found to be so utterly boring and mundane. Perhaps living in the most isolated archipelago in the world – Hawaii – significantly contributed to my deep sense of separation. Everything was so far, and, more often than not, I felt so misplaced. While most people were dreaming of coming to Hawaii, all I could do was dream about leaving.

Escaping into the wild imagination of mine made life exciting. I was a big dreamer in a little body. Within seconds, I could transport myself to far away exotic lands where I would meet fascinating people and wear bright colored clothing. Suddenly, I was no longer confined to my desk at St. Patrick School wearing khaki pants, a starched white shirt, and a green tie. I longed, more than anything, to become a world traveler –to see the beauty, hear the hum, taste the flavors, touch the textures, smell the aromas, experience all the wonders of this fascinating earth. I yearned so deeply, and still do, to engage the world I live in.

In fact, on weekends and summers, while most kids were playing at the beach, I was at Honolulu International Airport watching Pan Am planes take-off and land. No footballs or frisbees for me; my fantasies of exploring the world were far more thrilling and expansive than any day at the beach. Pan Am – the world’s most experienced airline – as it was called, was my favorite because it flew to the most exotic destinations and had the prettiest stewardesses. I spent my days dreaming that one day it would be me on those planes.

Dreams do come true. I have fallen in love with the world I dreamt about as a child. Today, I do travel to exotic lands, meet fascinating people and wear bright colored clothing. The imagery of my childhood dreams has become a vibrant reality. Tahiti was my very first international destination. I was 11 years old when I flew there on a Pan Am Boeing 707 during the summer of 1973. “You call it the world, we call it home” was a brilliant lyric from a brilliant song Pan Am used in one of their advertising campaigns. Pan Am was a pioneer in the sky, an airline that symbolized promise and possibility for me. But, like all things, they have come and gone. Their legacy, however, lives on. Today, I can call the world home… 47 countries on 6 continents and still counting.

The world is bursting with color more vivid than I ever imagined; throbbing, thriving, pulsating with a vibe that can potentially resuscitate even the most lifeless among us. Quite simply, we live on a stunning planet with unparalleled majestic beauty. The more I see the more I want to see. Every adventure breathes new life into me.

With new life comes new passions. I have fallen in love with capturing beauty and the essence of life through a lens. Come along, journey with me, as my camera follows my meandering spirit.

Now, witness the world through my eyes.